Sub Contract Manufacturing

Qintar Technologies is an American Company with Chinese and Taiwanese factories that has been in business for 40 years as one of the top and oldest Sub Contract Manufacturing companies in Asia.

We try to make things simple for our customers so everything is turnkey, including door- to- door shipping. We take the hassle out of the process. We manufacture all sorts of electronics and have a long history in RF products, metals, plastics and cables. As one of the finest Sub Contract Manufacturing companies in Asia we make our own wires as well as our own plastic and metal connectors, plastic and metal tools for die casting and injection molding as well as PC boards and assembly. We do in circuit testing and all QC and packaging in house. We can do short runs, medium volumes or high volume production runs. We can manufacture sub-assemblies or finished full box build packaged products.

As one of the oldest Sub Contract Manufacturing suppliers in Asia we can offer Net 30 day terms on approved credit and warrantee our products for 5 years.


High Quality. Low cost. On time delivery. Those are our strengths.


Qintar Lighting