Qintar Technologies is one of America's premiere Asian-source custom manufacturers since 1970. Qintar Technologies is headquartered in California and has been helping customers manufacture high quality electronics, plastics and metals for over 40 years while helping its customers boost profits and reduce costs.

Qintar can manufacture your full box build products, sub- assemblies, cables, power supplies, metal or plastic items and so much more.

Qintar handles all quality, tooling, packaging and testing for you while unraveling the mysteries of foreign cultures, languages and customs. Qintar will also handle all logistics including shipping, insurance, customs clearance and delivery to your door.

Call our president, Randy Tishkoff, today for a friendly chat about manufacturing in Asia and how to get started. We're easy to talk to and easy to work with. Call today!


Dramatically reduced costs – up to 40% less than domestic production.
Improved quality over off-the-shelf products with precision engineering.
Customized components from your drawings and bill of materials (BOM


Qintar Technologies has been Eatonís preferred supplier for over 7 years. They consistently deliver high-quality products, on time, and with competitive pricing, even on special orders. Qintar also continues to provide Eaton with design expertise in video and telephone / network board layout. Qintar always goes the extra mile to keep its customers satisfied.

Dave Richards
Product Manager


Qintar Lighting